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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nite için
The costume that first arrived was of really good quality but not very accurate and quite ill fitting. The hairband did not look the same and the top and gloves could not be worn at all. However, the customer support was excellent. They took note of the feedback given and was understanding and willing to remake and resend the ill fitting parts. I managed to make the costume more accurate by buying a bustle and tapering the hairband on my own. The gloves and top that was remade was also much better fitted though unfortunately, it took quite awhile to arrive and I wasnt able to wear it for the intended event. All in all great customer service and costume quality and tbh this shop's product is the most accurate out of all of the others for rory's costume.
The quality of this costume is great and it is the cosplay which is the closest to the original that I found. The details are beautiful and carefully made and I was especially pleased with the fitting. I chose a size XS because that is also my usual size and it was perfect. The dress is adjustable in the back. However I'm not too happy with the stockings and cuffs. Both are way too loose and slip back all the time, so they have to be fixed somehow. The boot covers are useless to me, I just bought the actual boots. Also, small people have to be careful. I'm a 4"11 (152cm) and the skirt is not as short then, which makes it hard to adjust the suspenders and stockings while still making it look good. I'm going to have to change up a few things. The headwear also needs some stabilizing, which I already figured. The colors of the costume are really vibrant and nice, although in reality they're more dark red (just like in the anime) than in my photograph. All in all, beautiful cosplay!