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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for için boyun
QUICK seller response times. I asked for a US plug but it was not found anywhere in the parcel that arrived. The seller agreed to ship me the US adapter. There is an absence of package protection even though I had asked for bubble wraps. Thankfully the massager was unharmed but the box wasnt. Be nice if heat mode is even warmer. If you are sitting right next to wall outlet the cord length is fine. However, a little more distance from the electric source would give you some trouble. Works best when your hand is slipped into the sleeves but other positions wont give the same satisfying results (well this is the trade off from a massage chair, cant complain) Very impress with the varying modes, 5 stars. Excellent massages and thats all it really matter. Would recommend this for mother's/father's day gifts. Jun 25 -July 23 Note: The tracking stoped after the parcel left the origin because the tracking number changes once it has been handed over to Canada Post.