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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for katlanır kelebek bıçak tarak uygulama
He's put in the package cute HANDWRITTEN letter, a bracelet (I won't believe it's handmade, it's not, cause he'd be crazy), balisong that is perfect AND the screwdriver kit with EVEN spare screws and packed these goods that aren't even fragile into million layers of freaking bubble wrap and so on. It's totally 5⭐, 11/10. The only seller I'd really recommend to buy the stuff from. The balisong is perfect, though I don't have any others to compare, I like it. It's painted very nicely, looks cool, all parts are made of metal, it's small but weighty and feels smooth and also does these satisfying click-ding-dong sounds xd. using it mostly for the tricks, so can't say about functions of the comb. There's logo of "benchmade" company on the knife and these smooth edges and stuff make it look like super-brand-balisong-for-1000$-i-never-asked-for, but for unbelievably low price. Okay I'm done)