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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fabric for lace
Head order 9,5 (43 for me here) I think if I ordered 10 (44) it could be little bit better.. but I just receive it so will see in few days. Quality it’s like in description so it’s + for seller. Shipping hmm for recommendation shipping it’s could be better, ‘cose same day I make 3 orders, 2 of them come very quickly(around12-14 days) .. this one 1 month and few days
The ribbon corresponds to the description of the product. It's nice, soft and looks good. I am satisfied. Delivery was very fast. The seller is nice and open to mutual communication. I thank him for his business approach. I will also be able to buy it in the future. I award 5 stars.
very honest seller my order arrived fast I recommend the seller cares for you, always responds attentive to the messages, is very happy my wife the seller I am a couple of very nice half of them I always buy him many times if he meets the recommended