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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for engraving 6040 4 axis
The machine is clearly well built and the quality is actually surprising for the price you pay. I will put an update when I will finish setting up the machine and work with it. So far, very happy with this purchase.
parcel well received complete and in good condition. pay attention to the costs per boat in CFR! communication not always easy but quickly corrected by the seller! not yet fully tested but looks good ... (no manual paper in the coli ..) ATTENTION: No grounding of the power supply, spin, control box ...)
They are very supportive in solving any issues. The product is in optimum quality and performance. Just be cautious in adjusting the declared value in order to avoid import tax penalties because the packaging is so big that nobody would believe it is cheap. Package is accurate as described so buy additional end mills or ER20 collet chucks for your own purpose. You might want to consider buying bed clamps in addition to the package description. This works even in windows 10 via USB. More power to the seller.
Shipping of goods overlapped with the national holidays and became a little late. However, we were able to wait with a response quickly and with confidence. Products also have high cost performance. It was very satisfying. The quality of the product was 5 stars. If delivery is early, there is not a bad place.
Fast to respond/answer and accurate, hassle free and speedy delivery. I tested the unit and is very OK. This is my second order from this seller and I highly recommend this seller.
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