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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for zarif boyutu
well you know when i saw the parcel i almost died. package was broken some fabric was loose. but... i almost died from happines when i wrap the papper off. dress is amazing. i have no words to describe feeling when i saw it. thank you thank you thank you
Beautiful dresses and very fast shipping to USA. I am 100% satisfied. Very good quality for that low price. Great communication with seller and BTW thank you very much for a gift.
OMG I'm impressed I swear. Dressv is de best . they shipped my dress on de 22th and I got it on the 24th. it was free shipping. wow. the dress is exact as the description. beautiful. Thanks Dressv
Dress is beautiful, long and white as you can see in photos! Seller is really gentle and helped me with shipping, I suggest you to buy with this seller if you need this item!