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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for e5 ggmm
Really fast delivery, impressed with the first test, connects quickly and the sound is very good considering the size of the device. Can only recommend so far. The device is well built and looks good.
After I bought one for my daughter, I bought one for myself. The sound quality is amazing. Also it looks nice and is very userfriendly. Pairing with my phone worked in 5 seconds. The GGMM Official Store communicates very clear and friendly, a great vendor who delivers very quickly. In the case of my daughter, he shipped the day after CN Newyears holiday - i can imagine there would be an enormous backlog but nevertheless was shipped quicly.
So pleased with this speaker that I ordered 3 of them: 1 for my daughter, 1 for myself, and one that we gave to a colleague. The sound is extremely good for such compact speaker, built quality is excellent, and it is a beautiful device. The vendor replies promptly and accurately on questions
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