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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dvi d vga
Great adapter, I use it to connect new graphic card (only digital output interfaces) to old display (only analog VGA input). I also tested it with 1080p display, it wors perfectly. Image doesen't have any noises (other adapter from HDMI to VGA created those) and it's sharp as if connection didn't use adapter. Max frequency is 60Hz (59Hz is also avaliable, even though display support 144Hz - but VGA standart can't do this), with old 1280x1024px monitor 75Hz can be used. There is socket for extra energy supply, but it works without it. Really, in my case even if I connected it, there were no amperage. But when I tested it with other PC with built-in graphic card, it was using about 0.2A on 5V, even without display connected. But adapter worked anyway, without power supply too.