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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dsd usb
Unbelievable fast, arrived after 8 days in the Netherlands! The music player is beautiful (you can find detailed reviews on the internet, e.g. Shop with confidence, this is a top seller, AAA.
Ok I'm impressed. Arrived with the usual Aliexpress delays and slow shipping but the product itself is good. The quality of the item is high. When used with my iPhone the sound quality is greatly improved using the right apps and settings. Much better than another DAC I have. You need gain and bass on in my opinion for best results but I'm happy with this. Durability, as always, cannot be tested until time has passed
100% accurate product description, shipped next working day after order. Seller included some useful gifts in the parcel (some connectors and card readers). Great DAC/amplifier. Works flawlessly with iPhone. Whorks perfectly with Android Samsung Galaxy S3 (I have custom kernel and audiophile asymmetrical micro USB OTG male-male cable which has been ordered separately). Works with OnePlus 3T (I have no specific audiophile Type-C cable, but tested with OTG cable on phone's end and usual male-male USB-micro USB cable). Onkyo and Neutron players detected DAC/amplifier automatically. On Android I just tried asymmetrical cable directions and restarted player. Everything works. The sound is astonishing! Probably the best DAC/amplifier in this price category. Recommend both product and this reliable seller. Thanks.
It's the best DAC,that I had. Super balanced, great detail. If you are looking for real music, then this is, what you need!!!Great seller, sent the same day.Thank you very much!