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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bebek seks silikon
Doll are perfect no damage on body 100% same as picture. Sizes are right Height-165 Bust-78 Waist-59 Hips-91 (Weight 26kg and 28kg with head) Because of the special material that is under the skin of doll she has the same rigid and soft parts as the real girl. Material is soft and good quality, breast is made of very soft material better than soft tpe. Joints of the doll are moving perfectly and fairly easy. Also in the package was clothes and a sleeping bag for storage. And special thanks to seller Vicky Xu. Realy easy to speak and quickly responds. Answered questions and helped with the choice for the whole time. I really like the service, chat whit seller as a friend. Thank you! If I buy again I'll make an order from you! :)
I am very satisfied about JELLYNEW services and the 6YE doll 165F they supplied to me. The doll is more lifelike looking than the 169 C cup I received last month. The TPE here is not as soft as previously but has the same fruity smell. The 6YE heads are of the standard size and consequently a little bit undersized for the body which has a shoulder width of 38cm !. She weight 38 kgs and her measurements are as indicated by the resellers tables except for the legs lenght (inner thigh lenght) which is around 84 cm. The legs are long but not abnormally and are lifelike looking (thigh diameter 47 cm, calf diameter 32 cm) . Had I knew that the TPE would be firmer I would have taken the hollow breast option because here the breasts are big.