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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for diy
Thank you, all ok. Just to let you know. These keycaps are not as thick as f.e. Vortex Core original keycaps. Led light goes through them, not very bright, but you can see it. Sound is more dampened, especially high tones. I do not know why, but also switch feedback is little less obvious. I recommend this seller. I tried to buy from other one, and experience was not great. I will order more keycaps from this one, also shipping is very fast.
Fast delivery. I crop a 4k image from my favourite videogame to fit 900x400mm and the seller told me it looked good. It looks pretty good and it is kinda heavy so it doesn't lose its shape. I will buy another one soon, I'm really happy about it.
It was very easy to work with the seller and upload my design. They printed it very well and I love my new mat! And battlebots! I won’t hesitate to order more in the future.
I have tried to use this device but operational data is scarce and hard to find. So far I am unable to use it. However, I am not done trying yet. It's a very nice circuit board and looks very professional.
Excellent quality copper plate for temperature transfer for notebook IC chipset GPU processor. We took copper plates 2 mm thick. Number of 10 pieces. Fast delivery. The price of the goods with delivery is 1.85 US dollars. Thank you seller for the quick dispatch of goods. We are glad to continue working with this store!