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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cute rain boots for girls
Love these boots! Super cute. Great material. I love that the insert is so soft and its removable so you can wash or wear without the warm insert for summer time. Perfect
They boots are slightly smaller that we expected, but because we ordered them 2 sizes bigger, we can still enjoy them for a season or two. My daughter totally loves the boots.Thank you!
I have mixed feelings about this purchase. The product is lovely, I like the quality and design. Also the delivery itself was very quick. However, communication with the seller wasn't the best. Firstly, it took a while to send the package. The seller reacted only when I tried to cancel my order, but they gave me a tracking number which didn't track and later was cancelled. In my experience, it means the parcel wasn't sent initially. Only after my message, a new tracking number was provided and the package was actually sent. Thankfully, it arrived quick enough. However, the main issue is sizing info. I ordered size 8 (24 European) which is supposed to have 16 cm insole, but received size 9 (26) which is 17 cm. In seller's table 17 cm is size 9,5, so I'm totally confused. Naturally, they are too big for my girl and we have to wait a few seasons to wear them. Bottom line: the boots are awesome, but the sizing info is wrong, so the seller has to update it.
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