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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kristal yüksek topuk ayakkabı
My size is 40=9 and I ordered 41 (size 10 in US) to make sure that Chinese size will fit me. And I was right! If you want to order this shoes I suggest you to order one size bigger.
This shoe is truely beautifull. I had contact with the seller because my shoesize and my feet in cm didn't match the sizetable. The seller could also not tell me witch size to choose. I ordered my normal size 39. The shoe is really small in the front part so your toes will squeeze together. After 2 hours my toes really hurt. I think that if I had ordered a size 40 it would fit better by the front part. So I would recommend you to order a size up. My shoe is on the left and is 10cm. My friend shoe is on the right and is 7 cm. The shoe is definetly worth buying!