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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cowboy straw
Awesome hat! Great quality! I thought I canceled it, but I didn't... I'm pleasantly surprised that it came, and so happy that I got it! BEAUTIFUL hat which I've gotten lots of complements on! Came is quickly. A tad squished, but it didn't effect the hat at all
Did not take any photos but this Seller and Items are PRO!!! Packaging, quick shipment, excellent product. I can only say for this product, cause I bought only this item, but I believe this is an awesome shop. Hat is better than on the photos. Material and weight is just insane. You actually don't sweat under! You practically can't feel it on the head. It's a great summer/sunny vacation must have hat, AND it looks cool!
The hat looks like the picture. It’s bigger than I expected, but that’s my fault. It’s cheaply made without care to details. I guess you get what you paid for. It will do ok for a costume or joke, but not for wearing outside.