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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pamuk kazak kadın
Love this top! Collar is biiiiig! Take this into account. It is super warm!!! Also it is coarse, so I wear a light black t-shirt. Everything that I orde from this brand is good quality!
I like the top! To clarify, this is not a sweater. It's made from a stretchy poly-cotton blend material, so I would not classify as a sweater. Neck area is quite long and studs are on the 'outside' so you'll need to fold it inwards, to have the pattern continue on the neck vs. rolling it down like a traditional turtleneck. Sizing matches the chart. Arrived in ~3 weeks.
Fits really well and it's very soft. It is good quality for the price and it's really comfortable to wear. I was impressed by the fabric. It's really soft and high stretchy. And the fit is great. I like it enough, thank you seller!