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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kostüm kadın için
The wig came nicely packaged, and surprisingly in a small box, the wig also came with a free wig cap. The sellers cooperation and kindness really raises the bar! they are very nice and considerate. and replied in a timely manner. The bangs are just the right size when you get it, there's enough wig fibers to cut it if you need to, but if you don't know how to, you dont have to. overall, this wig was really amazing, and serves it's purpose amazingly! Check my IG: @Fuzznub, for more photos!
The material of the dress is stretchy and that makes it fit nicely on me. I'm a UK Size 12 and have gotten the XXL. The material is actually quite thin so it does feel a bit flimsy but will have to see when I wear it for a day. It'll only be good to wear during the summer though due to the thinnest of material. Another thing as well, the lace on the collar of the dress have not been fully sewn all around the neck so it doesn't stay in position when wearing it. The lace itself is very flimsy, I've to think of a way to make it stay up. Other than that, it looks similar to the photo and I had no problem with the coat. It's good for what I've paid for I guess and it's arrived within the estimated time.
the dress overall is great! the fabric is pretty thick, stitching looks nice and all the fluff beneath is so thick i could almost argue that you MAY only need a hoop skirt to give it a little more bounce. every accessory comes with clips or pins and my only real complaint is that the bows that pin to either side of the skirt are pretty floppy and awkward with just one pin. Also, the corset sting is just a little bit too short to easily tie but it can always be replaced.
I love love love this costume! Thank you so much! It fits perfectly, the measures are perfect and the details are super accurate. It’s comfortable and seems lightweight. Can’t wait to take proper pics in it! Thank you so much !!!
I'm very happy with the costume, I bought a size M and it fits perfectly. The stockings are really nice and they fit well. The stripes on the coat are made out of some kind of velvet ribbon which is really soft and cute.