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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for costplay
costume looks like the pics. good quality material. a button flew off the shorts and the buttons on the coat feel like they will also fall off but I can fix them up myself. collar choker was way too big but manageable. blindfold was laughable, not even worth the effort that went into making it I'm sure
Quality: 5/5 The fabric was actually very good and silky. The buttons were easy sturdy and well made. The printing looked very good and the sleeve length was perfect. The shorts were a bit tight and actually a different fabric color than the coat but it's not too obvious. Accessories: 3/5 It didn't come with the blindfold but the necklace was very weird. The fabric was leather but non adjustable so if you have a small neck it's very hard to adjust. Also the part with the X is made of a foam and was starting to peel from the top. Look of Character: 4.5/5 It looks pretty accurate to 9s and I think the coat is very comfortable and soft. It doesn't feel thin and will keep you warm. Wish: I wish it came with gloves, blindfold, and kneesocks like this sellers 2b. The seller is very kind and I appreciated working with them!