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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cosplay uğursuzluk
[FR] Le produit correspond en effet à la description, j'ai adoré cette wig et la recommande si vous la voulez ! [ENG] The product corresponds to the description, I adore this wig and I recommend it if you want it !
I'm so in love with this dress and the wig! the dress is exactly like the images and it's so soft, i fell in love with the cap and all the accesories. I have to style a Little big the wig, but it's perfect! The costume and wig arrived so fast! With the wig arrived the wig Cup! I can't wait ti wear It! I Will definitly buy again from this seller!
The wig is absolutely gorgeous and I am very happy to have chosen this one. Especially the change of colour in the bottom of the ponytails are quite accurate according to the original. I absolutely love to build this wig myself with the different parts you get. However, I had a few difficulties with the two pieces used on top of the wig and especially hiding those. Another small point is that maybe the top pieces need to be broader to really resemble the original. The tall static pieces gave more an impression of Xayah's ears instead of those messy pieces of hair from Jinx. Maybe it can be imitated by pulling the hairs of the pieces out a bit, but I have not yet tried. I admire that the one who made this wig has managed to keep those pieces upright, though.