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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cosplay heel
Very cute and lovely shoes they match but are little smaller though most of people say they are a bit larger size sometimes but to me it's smaller though it's first time for me here buying shoes. Like I said they are fit and I could wear them even if they are tiny bit small I might loosen them up by wearing CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR IT WITH A NICE DRESS OR PASTEL SKIRT nicely packet ♡ and protected
These are so cute and GREAT quality for the price! I bought these in tan, but the seller ran out and offered white instead. I really love the white and can't wait for the tan to come back in stock so I can buy them! Also the shipping to U.S. was SO quick. I'm used to waiting around a month for aliexpress items, but these came in about a week.
these shoes are perfect. they seem study, and the material is of good quality. the only thing I'm having issues with are straps. but I did order 9.5 instead of 9. sooo..
Very cute shoes! Seller included two sets of laces (pink and white). Fit is snug but not too small. Similar quality to fast fashion stores in North America. Printed graphics on the shoes are cute and good quality. I am happy with my purchase, thanks!
Create quility! Ordered these 7 day ago! Though I did pay £19 extra for shipping but was worth it. Very compfy. these are size 38 which is about a size 6 in female UK sizes. Though if you have slightly bigger toes if recomend a size up as I can tell walking in these for a few hours may hurt but I have yet to test them. The top of the boots fit really well around my legs. Which is normally a hard thing to find in UK boots as they are allways to baggy on me. these measure at around 10" inches around the tops. If you have small feet but bigger legs I'd recomend contacting the seller to see if they do custome sizes. The seller was very good at helping me pick out the right size!