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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chip cree led
Very fast delivery (two weeks). Very good looking, fits well as reverse light or DRL to Skoda Octavia 2 FL (A5). No bulb error, but need to turn off cold test by VCDS. Otherwise lights blinking few times after ignition turn on, when car checking lights (it is normal). On photo left light is standard and right is LED. I hope it will work long.
Quick delivery, received order in 2weeks. Great lights compared to my old halogen bulb. Only negative point is that your high beam indicator on your dashboard does not light on when you put on full beam.
One of the two lamps was defective, but the seller responded fast and solved the problem. The other lamp works fine. Very bright light!! I only looked directly at the lamp for a few seconds as i was fitted and tested it, and i almost got..dizzy and blind for a moment. The color is also very nice. Pure white around 5.000 kelvin. No yellow, no cool white. Just pure white. Perfect. Recommended.
Super bright, way brighter than the original halogen version. I used bimmercode to tell car that LEDs where fitted. Used in BMW F3x model in day light running lamps see photo which shows LED on the left and halogen on the right. LED is much whiter light (not blue at all) and significantly brighter. I have recommended these too friends at work. I'd like to see the slightly less bright version as you can't look at these as they are so bright.