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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for çin karaoke sistemi
Was surprise with the good software interface. The hardware is good also but some parts could be further improved such as standby button instead of physical on/off switch. Download speed is quite slow, so its better to buy with the preinstalled songs. The user interface translation from Chinese to English could also be improved further. I will continue to test the unit and provide additional feedbacks.
Free and fast shipping using Fedex air parcel, very good communications, connected to sales support by WeChat, with photos and video how they prepared the machine I ordered and explained with details when I raised questions. The best service I enjoyed so far shopping at AliExpress. This KTV is well built and provided all the features claimed, my family and social leisure time will no longer be the same with this entertainment box, it is so portable that we can enjoy it even at our friends’ home.
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