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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for çocuk kız için ayakkabı
Thank you for my order..all fits. Seller was communicative throughout the transaction, I had the option to choose what I wanted. Also received two pairs of shoes and a hairclip as a gift. Will order again from this store.
i ordered the items june 24.. just received today july 11.. faster than I thought.. :) i love all the shoes... all of it fits to made to move barbie and original barbie .. seller was so kind .. highly recommended.. :) will order again... :)
Very cute shoes! I chose size 7 which was translated to 23, I usually get 24 for size 7, but they fit ok. They're sewn very nicely except that the soles are loose but I can stick them with glue. Speaking of glue- it's a little visible on the outer sole, which is very soft rubber, not too bad because it's clear. They look really nice.
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