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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chika love live
Came in 12 day, which is super fast. Ordered on the 25th June and came on the 6th July. It is a little stiff and tight at 1st, but I think it'll loosen up and become fairly comfortable after a few wears.
Very Good Item for this price. The Japanese sentences on the item photos are fake words, so I doubted it maybe a bad one. But, in fact, I found it is excellent item as a cosplay costume. Recommended Item. I want to try another item from this shop. Thanks.
Product fit fine. Although skirt was short like others have mentioned and it felt tight for a skirt even for an XL size i ordered. But they did ship quickly and i got it on time!
Very lovely!!! Absolutely perfect! Second time ordering from this seller and they always do an awesome job, shipping is faster than usual and always include a special gift and cards! Also I love the cute little bag they wrap them in! Thank you so much!!! Will be ordering more!!
Omg! I couldn't describe how happy I am! All these keychains are super duper good quality! And cheap too! Also the seller gave me little gifts ;-; because I ordered so much, I received 2 extra keychains, Shwi (ngnl) and Yoshiko (ll!) !! Thank you so much!!