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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chern
It works fine !! You can set the exposure color as desired, it can light up in mixed colors, and you can also turn off the lighting. All settings are controlled by the remote control or on the device itself. You can also adjust the intensity of the scent as you wish. Aroma diffuser operates very quietly. Thanks to the dealer! I recommend it!
It literally works all night while I am sleeping, I’ve never had one that runs this long without me having to refill it. I like the setting where it doesn’t let off any light. It’s silent. I love it & hope it stays working for a long long time, I love it so much I might buy another.
We have ordered a lot of diffusers over the years from Ali Express and these have arrived in THE BEST condition we have ever had diffusers arrive in! Very happy with this seller! :)
Very nice and stylish humidifiers for on the go in this humid heat. I bought 2 humidifiers, 1 lasts for 2 hours while the other lasts for 1 minute, I do not like "beauty style" humidifiers that only last for 1 minute, I want to be able to survive in this heat. All in all they are very good and pretty humidifiers, I guess I will use the 1 minute one for preserving water.
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