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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for celestron eyepiece for telescope
It's second time I order eyepiece from this seller and second time I'm completely satisfied. Thank you! to my non-expert opinion the eyepiece is perfectly fine. I didn't find anything that could tell me that it's not an original. For the price it works perfectly! the only problem is that it's 5 mm eyepiece so it is supposed to give quite good zoom, but my telescope (skywatcher 900/130) apparently is not the best telescope for planets observation :( (it's totally my problem and not related to the eyepiece quality at all!). But even with my cheap telescope I was able to see the clouds on Jupiter, Saturn rings, etc without having a lot of annoying aberrations. Observing the Moon is just a pleasure, so many details! Very good seller, I definitely recommend. Thanks a lot.
I still have to try it, but it looks pretty clean, I could not notice any dust in between the lenses. apart the box a bit squeezed by the shipping I could not detect any defect. Shipping time were as expected.