tr title HELLO, HOODIES!

We’ve all been there — wasting precious minutes staring at the closet before heading out to lunch with friends, wondering how to look chic without sacrificing the comfy-cozy weekend vibe. Thinking a hoodie is too casual to wear outside of your apartment? Think again. Amp up your hoodie look with one simple thing: layering! Choose a more fitted hoodie that will hug your bod and pair it with a denim jacket – cropped or un-cropped – and some ankle boots to give the look a touch of grunge. A leather jacket works like magic, too, so consider that chic look for a casual dinner date or an evening hangout with friends. Alternatively, throw on a zip-up hoodie over a cute tank-top and let your jewelry stand out from there. Another insider tip: the asymmetrical zip-up is also a super-chic hoodie style that’s trending now, so be sure to add it to your wishlist this year!_tr content