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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kılıf lenovo tab 2 a10 70
Ordered the 28th of March, arrived the 30th of April. Well packed, for that price I received the case, the screen protector and a pen for touch screen. At first it was so smelly, bad odour, but few days later it's okay! The part around the tablet is sturdy and rigid, the other one is made of soft material, it fits perfectly with my Tab2 A series. It has the magnetic system, so the tablet unlocked when you open the case. It's a bit difficult to remove the case shell from the tablet. The image is perfect, I love it. But, I have to say it: I ordered the one with Almond Blossom, the seller marked the order as shipped immediately and after that write to me saying that I have to choose another design. After some conversation I decided to accept and arrived to me the one with Starry Night. I like it anyway, but I wanted to let this know. Cip√