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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kartuş epson xp 332 için
Very but very fast shipment to Portugal,since the seller shiped the ink cartridges until they got delivery in my house took about 7/8 days and not working days! About the ink cartridges themselves,they have an ridiculous value for the money,and even more when 1 single ink cartridge in Portugal costs about 11-13 Euro and for that price i got 3 packs of colors! They print very well on normal papel and even on photographic paper. They are not so good as the original ones what is normal,but i must say that dont fall much more behind,i am using on a Epson XP-442 and beside the printer see them as non original on the first time when inserted they work flawless. I really recommend the ink cartridges and the seller. Going to buy again when i needed but i want a discount next time =D
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