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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car ugreen
Eccellent! Tested with my lg g4. Phone showed me it was charging using "fast charge"! Very Fast. I'm completely satisfied with this item! Arrived in less than a month, excellent for Italy.
Bluetooth connects automatically to previous device when you start up your car which is main reason why i bought this. Sound quality could be better but for my purposes it works great!
Product arrived much faster than expected. Great quality cable, very durable. Unfortunately, so quality and made with durable materials, that it can be a bit 'heavy' and not ideal for headphones because of the movement of the head causing the cable to loosen due to the weight of the cable. Ideal for low-mobile equipment situations.
High quality, can be used in 2 phones at the same time. Tight fit once installed in the car. A very heavy phone sticks well to the magnet, but might fall once in a while (mostly because you didn't put it exactly on the metal plate to connect to the magnet.