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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for araba radyo dasaita
The item arrived in Israel 7 days after it was shipped! SEVEN DAYS! How often do you get to see such great service? During the processing time, I still had questions about the unit. The seller was more than happy to answer all my questions in a polite and professional manner. I'll just say this, if you are thinking of buying this item, DO IT! It is absolutely PERFECT. The craftsmanship on it is amazing. It doesn't feel like it is MADE IN CHINA! The sound chip in the amp makes the original chevrolet speakers sound 10 times better. The screen is the perfect size, great touch response, colors and resolution. The buttons are well built and give the feeling of original chevrolet hardware. Using the canbus, all the buttons on the steering wheel work flawlessly. ) I've never been happier with an online purchase. This seller is PROFESSIONAL! His items are HIGH QUALITY! Thank you SO much for this unit! Buy with confidence!