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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for broş pokemon
Shipping took a while (ordered February 15th, received March 27th). My order was messed up a bit; I ordered the sitting Pikachu with a hat and didn't get that one. I did receive all the other ones I ordered+ 2 I didn't order. Since I've received an extra one, I won't open a dispute, but of course it would've been nice to receive the exact pins I ordered (I also like the extra ones though). When I visit this product's page, the order of the pictures seems different than when I placed my order, so that might be the cause. All pins look nice and like the pictures, though some differ quite a bit in colour and especially the large kawaii Pikachu and sitting, crying Pickachu are not printed very sharply. All seems sturdy and the packaging was great; lot's of protective plastic. Overall, cute products for a nice price but getting the order right seems problematic. 1st picture: all pins I received. 2nd: backs of the pins. 3rd: pins I didn't order. 4th: colour difference. 5th: packaging.