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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boots 2017 free shipping
Dear Seller, thank you very much. Fantastic shoes, i would like to order black or green, but unfortunaly due to high custom tax rate the cost becomes too high. But anyway, thanks a lot.
I'm here to say these shoes are to die for. The color is great and they feel good. I just love them. This is only my second pair if I were rich I have all the colors. That's how good they are. And everyone around me is so jealous and wish they had them. I didn't know I could stir up so much gossip, but I have and I love it. They say they know when I'm coming down the hall just by my walk. And that's okay because I like to strut my stuff in these shoes. Have fun girls, and thank to the SELLER, Sandra
I love the shoes.. fit perfect. tip for other buyers, take a size bigger than your normal shoesize. Only problem was with custom service. I had to pay 20 euro extra for border security... so shoes kost me 40 euro in total :( :(
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