Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boot ayakkabı
I am please with these! They smell a bit odd. let them air out! They are exactly what they look like in the picture! I'm definitely going to order again from their store!
They didn't too so long for shipping and the product were well packaged.The shoes have smell but it's going away ,hope it goes completely.They are pretty comfortable to walk with ,you almost dont feel them and they are really pretty .Size 8.0 for 39 but I chose 8.5 and was I right choice.
The product is beautiful and wonderful and conforms to the specifications mentioned. I am very satisfied with it and the measurement is also suitable. I chose it according to the attached table. However, the defect in the shipping time was long. It took me almost three months to arrive. I opened a dispute and refunded my money at the end of the shipping period ... but now that I have arrived I will return Money to the seller as soon as possible
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