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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boot over the knee
Great design, looks amazing, super comfy, well made, a good zipper (which was not the case earlier). And good thick & soft patent leather, not the flimsy thin low-quality kind often found on patent boots. I'm very happy with these boots!
I am totally flattered when I saw the product it is beautiful and lovely thnx for the sellers good communication and consent I recommend these beautiful pair of shoes send by them.:)
These boots look amazing . Size guide is accurate . the fit is very comfortable . They are nice to walk in and have a comfortable heel height. Highly recommended .
I was a bit worried when ordering these since they are pull-on, and I have a large foot-bridge. But when I first tried them on I found them to stretch in the right places and to be surprisingly easy to pull on (and also off!). Wow they look nice!! Great shape and curves. Unbelievably sexy!! Getting lots of positive comments from everyone. These boots are great design! Perfect choice of materials and cut. Comfortable to wear and walk in. Cannot recommend them enough.
The shoes look Amazing. Great product!! It is very comfortable. The size runs small so definitelly size up! I have normally 44EU and the shoe that that i got says 46. Also BE AWARE that the fit of the leg part od the boot is quite tight. So actually i cannot close it all te way up But That´s something the lace can fix it i guess))
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