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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boot fit
Hi,Previously,the seller issued the parcel tracking number before they had the goods,the factory sent it out on 4March.I annoyed and worriesed that the boots wasn't come on time.Only two week of my chance to get it before I left the country.I hv messaged the seller to criticise and blame him many times which I thought I won't hv a chance to get the boots but the seller still very politely answer and kindly following and checking the tracking every times..Lol (so sorry for that)The boots arrived this morning after big rain yesterday as the postman can't delivery .Ordered it while Chinese new year holidays ,the seller issued the parcel on 24Feb when come back from holidays at once. The boots was nice,cocy warm ,not heavy as it look. The quality is quite good .I insert the shoepad to make it more comfortable and more soft when walking.The crytral'h fall out 1 peiece but overall it still look nice.,I'm very appreciated .Thank you. boots, Lol (sorry for that) thanks you very much.