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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bona sneaker
A good, well made pair of shoes. US size 6 to match UK size 4 are just slightly big, but no problem. Very fast dispatch. Good packaging in bubble wrap. Good seller. I will buy again.
Exactly like the description and picture, my only complaint is that these shoes are not the slightest bit breathable. I have gone to work out in them/ walked a long distance in them and my feet were boiling.
Nice quality shoe, very well made. Unfortunately a smaller fitting shoe, bought for my son who is a uk size 3, no chance of his foot getting in the shoe. My daughter who is a uk 1.5 can just get it on, it should do for the summer. I would suggest to go several sizes larger just to be on the safe side.
The delivery was not very fast, but the quality of the running shoes is really very nice - they are very soft, very appropriate for running, strongly recommend the quality !