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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bodi dantel
I got the frontal yesterday the hairline & baby hairs were on point !! I really love how much this frontal is true to size, i made a wig and only needed three bundles to finish it! I’ll def be purchasing again.
The hair is so soft and beautiful and the shipping was pretty quick. The seller communicated with me every step of the way. She even made sure to confirm my address and everything before she shipped it out. I had an issue with the frontal and the seller was right on it. This has been a good experience thus far & I plan to order again.
Totally in love with this product, the colouring was amazing. When I co washed the hair there was no colour residue and the waves came back instantly after air drying. Shipping however did take some time but was totally worth it!
As Always this hair is bomb , this is my 3rd time ordering hair from them , and i get the same quality everytime , i have had my peruvian deep curly since january, and it still has the same texture when i first bought it. It sheds just a little bit and with it being curly it does tangle but not a lot once you put product in it. I also bought 28 inches and two 22” inch bundles and this 18 inch closure, the 28 shed a little bit but not a whole lot. hair still remains soft and the body still there. Will recommend this to anyone.