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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blue color human hair bundle
I LOVE THIS HAIR!!! The product was exactly what I expected. It's silky and soft with no shedding. Delivery was very timely. I received my package in Canada within 3 days and the supplier offered very good customer service! She kept me updated on delivery and checked in to ensure the product was satisfactory. I will definitely be ordering from this supplier again soon!!!!!
Hair looks very natural and blends well. It responds well to heat and is very soft and silky. Delivery time was extremely quick and the supplier was very professional and offered great service. She gave feedback frequently regarding delivery and was sure to check In with me about the product after receipt. I love this product and will definitely buy again!!!!
Ran my fingers through the hair a bunch of times and only one strand came out very satisfied it’s longer then i expected and i love that and it feels so soft i love the lil baggy it comes also. Although the communication wasn’t good they still answered all my questions and even sent me a picture before it was shipped out.
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