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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bipap
The hose that I use to connect the SPAP device to the mask of Rosmed can not be connected to the mask I bought because of the difference in the design of the intake pipes of these masks. Sell me, please, a hose that will fit my appliance and your mask.
It’s amazing !.. very very fast delivery to lebanon .. in 5 to 6 days .. I wasn’t expecting . Big thank for quick support . As for the mask.. quality is very good.. but for me i felt a little bit narrower than the one I have .. so I will order the Large one .. next time - thank you!
This is high quality mask. Ordered it as replacement for nasal mask which not so comfortable at night time personally for me. I can recommend this seller and fast shipping as reliable.
The mask and pipe fitted well with my CPAP machine and quality is good. It is also cheaper than all other available masks in the market. Shipment arrived in 18 days.
That was fastest shipment until now. 12 days to Bulgaria. The product is excellent and very well packaged. Thanks to seller about everything. I'm very thankful for everything. I'll say with certainty that I'll order again and again from this seller.