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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for büyük boy tunik
I'm pleasantly surprised that these stretch to fit me, I'm 5'2" (157/158cm) and about 238lbs (108kg), so them stretching to fit my chubby thighs and waist is fantastic. Only issue is I'm petite at 5'2", so lenghth-wise they're a bit baggy/long, but that's ok by me. :-)
Gorgeous item but runs VERY large. Order at least a size smaller than you think you need. But you do have to be careful with this item. The chiffon can fray at the bottom easily and comes apart from the seams very easily. I didn't even get to wear mine before it started to rip, so I recommend only washing this by hand too. It is so pretty you're going to want one in every color but I just wish it was made a bit better so the chiffon areas wouldn't rip.
This is SUCH a pretty top. As nice as the picture makes it look. Nice T-short material for the black parts and nice polyester chiffon for the white parts. Nicer than I expected actually. I love that it's fitted in all the right places but flowy where it should be. I wear a 38D bra, have a 39" waist and am a size 14 and I ordered the size 5XL and it fit perfectly. Comes in at the waist and is flattering.