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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for beaudiva
I can say i really like this hair. Hair is absolutely the best and i will be getting it installed this hair night. Sure to its length&has No smell .100% natural soft, tangle free, silk and full heavy thick bundles and it was package very well and came with free lashes. Shipping was very quick. Will be purchasing again. it is well worth it!!!' minimal shedding and once it's flat ironed, It looks PERFECT!! Great buy
Lovely hair for the price. Very little shedding but worth it. Shipping took about 3 days. That was fast and Sophia kept communicating every day. Thank sellée. Will order more and I recommend this hair
The shipping is very fast I received the hair within 3 to 4 days .The hair is pretty it doesn't tangle .It sheds every time I brush the hair with my Denman brush the reason I mentioned the name of the brush because it's a good brush that .I have use a lot on hair that I had installed in the past and there was no shedding The hair strands pop off a lot also. I told the seller the issues with the hair and also showed them pictures of the hair. The sellers responded back promptly each time and even offered to give me $15.00 free coupon back.I refused because I still have the hair installed ,the seller's great customer service willingness to satisfy a customer and fast shipping.
this is like my fourth time buying and as always I have no complaints the hair is amazing. Very soft, true to length, mine actually measured longer, my cart is been filled again to place another order 10 star rating for great products!!!
The hair is very beautiful. It’s really soft & true to length. Honestly, It does shed quite a lot but it’s not so unbearable. It can get knotted at the nape but it doesn’t get matted or seriously tangled. I just lightly brush it from the tips and go upwards, it detangles quickly without having to use so much force. The hair can go a bit puffy after brushing but some may like that look. For me, all it takes to make it look smooth and the ends to look perfect is serum. It honestly looks soooo beautiful once you run serum through it. I’m so impressed by the quality of the hair and the price it is. I got 20, 22, 24, 26 and a 16” middle part closure for only £96. Shipping was SUPER fast as well & communication was great.
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