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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for banyo
The quality of the mat and toilet seat cover is good! The material is so comfortable to step on and the design is simply too cute! :-D Fast delivery and definitely recommend!
The Best mid-coarse 'sponges' I have ever know! I have been looking for looong time for this grade sponge but glove-sponges are much better and functional - easier to reach places sponge tend to get stuck.., I don't give damn that one is pink and the other purple, part of my work involves fiberglass dust and I am damn happy to use these to finally give myself a proper rub from now on 10/10 will buy this BIFL again(-: Gloves fit well, don't stink when wet, hold shampoo and don't visibly scratch the skin. Midway 'massage' coarse and the soft sponge