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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for backdrop clamp
Lets be clear here. This is one of the cheapest lighting kits I have found. Gotta manage your expectations a little. Let’s start with what could be better. The lighting stands could sturdier but this only matters on the cantilever light. Make sure your weight is balanced well with the sandbag and it works fine. I like to put some weight at the base of the stand for stability as well. The lights are bright! But they lack a little color rendition. I recommend a warming gel as a cheap fix to really spruce them up. The backgrounds have folds that aren’t easy to get out, but with a little separation from the background, you wont be able to tell and after a week of hanging, they are getting better. With the US version of these lights, you do get 120v bulbs so they will work on normal 120v US power. For the price, this kit is great. If you are doing video or product photography, you won’t have any regrets. I use an additional speed light and shoot through umbrella for portraits.