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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for autumn shoe woman
Asked Seller change the size bigger, received size 39 standing on the outsole and it’s good for leg 24,7 cm. If You want use it with wool socks take size bigger (40).
nice loafers, good quality but the size is big however I was afraid it will be small the seller was in contact straight after me ordering shoes, and was asking me about the size - I shared my doubts, but insisted on the size that i have choosen Not sure if I can wear it - too loose To make it short - no size indicated on shoes, so I am not sure what size did I get - that one that I ordered or the seller sent me slightly bigger. If the size is correct than this is too big for UK 6/ European 38.5
Hello I have got 3 pairs of shoes with many thanks, and I found that one pair of 3 pairs of shoes I bought does not have extra cubics wheras other 2pairs have extra cubics in each boxes. Would you please send extra cubics? Thanka so much in advance.
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