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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sanat toz
Ordered 4-3. Today 15-3 arrived in the mailbox. Too bad they send 1 wrong collour. So I took 1 star away. I ordered other also. I hope that will be correct. That's why now I don't make problem. And us not expensive. But they have to send right collour. Delivery 10* so quick. Love it. I haven't try product yet. Yars were good filled with product. Thank you.
This was good collour. I ordered few but I get only purple. Green was not send. I love parcel came in 11 days. Thank you. Yars very full. Haven't tried it yet.
this product is the best of any other like this. it's polish and the colours are very bright and sparkling. delivery was fast and the package was consistent: paper bag with plastic bubble. I'm very satisfied.
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