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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ayak bileği çizmeler kadınlar için boyutu
Beautiful shoes. Very comfortable. The sole is very supple and elastic... you'll feel like walking on clouds! ^_^ Leather is nicely crafted. We are very satisfied. Foot size measured to get the shoe size as suggested is slightly too small. My wife big toes could benefit from more space. I suggest that you add a few millimeters to your measurements.
this is now the best shoes i owned!!! i have a lot of uggs for winter but,i think this top it all.soo light nd soft nd easy to walk in.im just inlove with this shoes if u cant still tell lol.planning to buy more from this seller.thank uuu!!!
Cool boots, super comfortable and very stylish. Attention: take 2 sizes bigger!!! I wear normal European 40 which is 25,5 cm. I took these size 11 which is 26,5 cm - and they were just perfect fit, not even an empty space. Looks like it is a common problem with Chinese shoes producers. I previously ordered my size 40 from a different supplier - and it was exactly 2 sizes less, ie. 38. Another time took 41 from yet another supplier and they were very tight. Otherwise the quality and design is admirable.