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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for aa tactical
Nice flashlight. Threads are very good. Not thick aluminum but good for the price point. Here's what I like. It starts out in moonlight mode. And it's very dim but that's fine. If you're in a tent or bedroom low is better than high. Just hit the button and it goes to the next mode. Turbo is great. Have not tried it yet outside but will. MOST important to me is the lockout mode. Four quick presses of the button locks it. Got to have that in a pocket side button flashlight. High marks for this Sofirn. I recommend it.
A great flashlight for your money! The seller is good and honest. I order him a second time. The second flashlight came with no working, the seller sent another one for free !! I'm satisfied ..... the service at the highest level
After the first delivery problem, the shipment was returned to the sender. The seller again sent the shipment that I after a long time came. I have not tried yet. but it makes me think that high quality goods are ordered and I am satisfied. I have to emphasize. very good communication with the seller (Mr.Mike Wu) and I think the seller deserved 5 stars. I recommend the seller