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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 6 wheelset
Very nice rims for the money, the service was above par and very friendly. Shipping was amazing, tracking right to the minute they arrived in town so I was ready when the buzzer buzzed. These rims are great, better than I hoped for, and no warp, no radial warp and perfect spoke tension. Like a wheel builder built them, and experienced one at that. Do your self a favour and shop here, I will come back again for sure. Whool Cycling Store, thank you very much for everything, your service was impeccable and your staff deserve a good bonus for making me feel like I mattered and that will get you repeat business! Now I have to get this build finished, I'm way overweight. Geez...I hope these rims don't flatten when I get on that bike! And if they don't I'll lose 45 lbs before you know it.
I'm actually very impressed. These wheels feel very high quality. I have haven't had a chance to really put them through any rough conditions yet but they seem strong. Shipping came fast, got to my doorstep in Canada in less than two weeks from the day I ordered. The packaging for the wheel was a little on the light side when it came to protection. Luckily they arrived without any damage that I could see. For the price, these wheels are unbeatable, I think.