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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 50mm buckle metal
Overall fantastic quality, especially when you consider the price point. I'm planning on using these with a protium reservoir but didn't want to pay their huge price for the original brackets. Main bracket that holds the reservoir is perfect but the back brackets that screw on to the main bracket to hold it to the radiator have a pretty rough finish on them, with the edges a little on the sharp size due to lack of quality control. would I buy again? at this price it's a big yes as whilst the back brackets let it down a little the rest of the brackets make up for it and if it wasn't for them they would look like you paid singularity computer prices.
Works just as good as the more expensive brands. At this value you can attach them on all your favorite straps and guitars for safe interchangeablity. I would buy this item again. Great vendor. Shipping a pit slow be patient.