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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4 sezon çadır
Shipped quickly, arrived very fast. Great seller, best price, highly recommended. The tent looks good on initial setup, all seams are taped, stitch work looks good. Will be trying it out next week, can't wait.
After doing some research on lightweight backpacking tents. I came across NatureHike Cloud 3. After receiving the tent I assembled it first time with no problems. Everything is included as advertised. Overall very happy with the purchase. The one and only issue is the footprint that is provided is smaller than the tent.
Thanks to JY Outdoor Equipment Store! I asked if they could send me a green tent and they did! I'm very happy with it, very well made and the weight is the same as in the description (maybe a few grams less)! The shipping time was around 2 weeks (to Germany), the seller shipped everything right away! To those of us who can't spend 500€ on a ultralight tend this is a very good alternative! Let's see how long it will last
Very easy to set up, seems like it is a good quality , it took several days to ship, but when it was shipped it took only 7days until the tent arrived
This seller is awesome, very friendly and professional, with super fast shipping! The two tents I bought where shipped to me in a couple of days, I did not think that was possible at all. I highly recommend this seller, he is the best in the business. The tent is of very high quality, and the orange color I chose is really nice. I am looking forward to shop from Gocamp again,